Any person of good moral character and reputation who has a real interest in the
promotion of American Saddlebred activities may become a member of the Association.

All memberships are due by April 16, 2022 for points to count.  Late renewals will count after date of renewal.  New members are welcome throughout the season and all points will count for 2020 season.

The annual dues for membership are as follows:
A. Senior Membership - Open to anyone over 18 years of age -
        1 Year = $30.00  or 2 Years = $50.00
B. Farm Membership - Open to farm owners and their horses only.
        1 Year = $35.00 or 2 Years = $70.00
C. Family Membership - Includes husband and wife and all children under the age of 18 - Give dates of birth of children Fanily Members must reside at the same address and be listed on the application
        1 Year = $35.00 or 2 Years = $70.00
D. Junior Membership - Open to youths age 17 years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current year and who is interested in the Saddlebred 
        1 Year = $20.00 (6 – 17 Years)  or 2  Years = $30.00

All dues shall run for the calendar year. If the date of affiliation occurs in the later part of the calendar year, dues may be pro-rated, but only on approval of the Board of Directors and or the officers.  Members whose dues are not paid within ninety days of the due date will automatically lose any benefits of the Association.

Membership may be applied and paid for through the mail or through PayPal.  A downloadable form is available on the left sidebar.  Options for Paypal are listed below:

Senior Individual Membership Choices
Farm Membership Choices
Junior Individual Membership Choices
Family Membership Choices